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C-A: Cian Reid by Akyia C-A: Cian Reid by Akyia

Oh goodness I hope everything on here is alright, it's been a while since I've joined a group like this but since it's a SnK group I just had to join it.

As far as Rp goes I prefer notes but I'm willing to give Skype Rps a try, it's just been a while since I last did one.


Name: Cian Reid (Key-an Reed)
Squad: Scouting Legion [Stationary Guard]
Gender: Male
Height: 175 cm or about 5'9"
Weight: 78 kg or about 170 lbs
Ethnicity: Irish
Age: 19

Combat: 7
Agility: 4
Defense: 4
Strategy: 4
Teamwork: 6

Total: 25

: Personality :

On the shy side
Cian isn't loud or too outgoing. He's very soft spoken and takes his time to choose his words carefully. However, he won't hesitate to strike up a conversation with another person or with a group.

Cian doesn't like fighting amongst people, especially his teammates. Therefore when he sees an argument happening he will usually try to play 'peacemaker' between the two parties and is usually able to get them both to back down.

Due to being excluded often as a child, Cian will try to include everyone within a conversation and/or activity. If he sees someone that looks like they are being excluded he'll usually try to start a conversation with them.

If there is a job needing doing, you can trust Cian to complete it. He follows orders very well and doesn't often question his superiors. When he does question their motives, Cian will not hesitate to confront them about it.

Cian is a very hard worker and will put all his effort into a task. Whether he is out on a mission or just doing chores. He also doesn't give up easily and will try and come up with alternative solutions when the original solution fails

Although Cian isn't the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to sarcasm and the like, he really wants to know more about everything. The world both inside and outside the walls and the Titans especially. 

Let's just say that Cian isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He easily falls for the simplest of pranks and can be easily suckered into doing other people's work for them. He also has a hard time distinguishing when people are being sarcastic or when thy are being serious.

Cian's need to include everyone combined with how gullible he is, usually leave Cian with lots of thing to do for others and little time for himself. At the end of the day, he's usually very exhausted. Due to this fact he can also catch colds more easily then the next person.

: Past Story :

Cian was the first born child to an average family consisting of his mother, father, and his little sister. His father was a trader working for a noble who was living within wall Rose at the time. His family lived on the inside of Wall Maria just the other side of the wall across from the Shinganshina District. For the most part he lived a normal life. He would occasionally get beaten up by some other kids because he would always try and break up fights and due to his soft spoken nature he would get excluded often. Due to this fact he loved to come with his father to his work. He loved the constant bustle through the warehouse where his father conducted trades. But most of all Cian loved to hear the stories that the traders would exchange. Stories about the other walls, stories about the other districts Cian loved to hear them all. If he was really lucky though, he would get to hear about what was outside the wall and the Titans. These were few and far between though, seeing that there was so little information about it. It was during this time when Cian really wanted to know more.

Cian lived like this up until about 3 months before the Titan attack on Shinganshina. His father was offered a promotion to go and manage a larger warehouse within the wall Rose. After some consideration, his father took the promotion and two months later they were settled within their new home within the main wall Rose outside the Trost District, similar to where they were located before. One month later Wall Maria was breached. When the news finally reached them Cian he was in a daze-like state for weeks. He couldn't fathom that if they hadn't moved from Shinganshina a mere few months earlier that they could have easily died in that attack. He would slowly come back to his old personality but the thought that they had escaped death due to sheer luck would never leave his mind. He would help out his father more frequently in the warehouse due to the influx of people within Wall Rose. Cian's fascination towards the titans never diminished. He still listened to the talk and the stories of the traders as he worked. Although the once seemingly distant fairytales of the titans that he had heard as a child had turned into frighteningly realistic tales. About 6 months before his 17th birthday, he told his parents that he wanted to join the scouting legion. They, of course, immediately rejected this idea completely. However after a few more months of trying to persuade them they finally gave in to him.

Cian worked hard at his training, and turned out to be pretty good at all subjects. He excelled in combat which led to him being ranked 10th in his class. Although having the opportunity to join the Military Police, he choose to follow his original plan and joined the Scouting Legion instead. From that day on he has been serving in the Recon Corps.

: Reasons for joining :
Cian wants to learn more about the Titans, where they came from and all of that. However, he has another motive that he doesn't voice often. Due to his family having moved in the nick of time before the titan attack in Shinganshina he feels an almost kind of responsibility to ensure this doesn't happen again. He wants to prevent innocents from dying like his family could of.

: Likes :
Hearing stories from other people about any topic, it doesn't have to be about Titans.
Windy days
Chocolate Cake
Being able to help someone out

: Dislikes :
Lazy people
Getting wet when it's raining, he doesn't mind it anytime else
Cold Feet (not like not being able to do something because you're nervous, legit cold feet)

: Extras :
Knows a few old Irish drinking songs, although you might not want to hear them due to him being a terrible singer.
He doesn't care much about how he looks. He'll stay relatively clean but if it comes to styling his hair and that sort of thing he could care less.
His parents are both surprisingly Irish.
He has very calloused hands partly due to training but more so because he did a lot of heavy lifting when he helped his father out at his work.
Cian isn't necessarily afraid of the Titans, he knows not to underestimate them.

[Part 2]

: RP Example :

Cian sighed as he moved the broom across the dirty cobblestones. Earlier in the day he was once again tricked into doing someone else's chores for them but he didn't really mind. He paused for a moment to look around, the sky was a pale blue dotted with small white blotches and there was a slight breeze. He turned back to his task at hand and quickly finished up the last corner of the stones, getting a small splinter as he did so.
Ouch! And I was just finishing too! he though to himself as he placed his injured finger in his mouth. He then walked over to the small storage shed where less important stuff was held such as cleaning supplies, spare sheets and the like. He was greeted by a squeak of protest as he opened the door and made a mental note to oil it one of these days. The broom landed with a small thud against the wall, and Cian made his way back outside, accompanied by the same protesting squeak.
As he made his way back to the barracks he took one last look at the near-perfect sky.
"The calm before the storm eh?" he quietly said to himself with a chuckle before resuming his journey to the barracks. After all he still had to prepare for the mission tomorrow.


Part 1: Right Here!
Part 2: Also right here!
Part 3A:
Part 3B:
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